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Dental Restoration, Implants, and Fabrication Services


Zirconia Restorations

Full Contoured – restorations are designed and milled digitally. Crowns are high fracture resistant and bio- compatible to patient tissue.

Zirconia materials available

B & D Dental Beyond Plus – anterior translucency with posterior strength. Intended for singles, 3-unit and 4-unit plus bridges.


Katana STML  - super translucent multi- layered zirconia. Mainly used in anterior region back to second premolars. Intended for single and 3-unit bridges.748mpa

Jensen Dental XT – high translucent zirconia. Indications include frameworks, monolithic and single units to full arch restorations. 1100 mpa

Dentsply Sirona Cercon HT – high translucent zirconia is indicated in the anterior and posterior segments for crowns, frameworks and multi- unit bridges. 1200mpa


Layered Zirconia – felspathic porcelain layered on zirconia oxide substructures. Mainly used in the anterior region to achieve high esthetics and individual characterization.

Ceramic materials available

North America VM-9 - highly esthetic fine structure feldspar veneering ceramic for zirconia frameworks.

Jensen Dental In-Sync ceramic system – esthetics and perfect shade reproduction. Low fusing porcelain used on full contour and frameworks.

PFM / Full Cast

PFM – porcelain fused to metal restorations have been the standard in restorative dentistry for many years. Crowns or bridges provide long lasting durability while the porcelain outer layer delivers a natural looking appearance.

Ceramic material used for PFM

GC America Initial MC – veneering ceramic for metal substructures. High esthetics which can be used on single and multi-unit frameworks.

Available Alloy Material for PFM

Jensen Dental JP5 – noble metal containing 53.5% palladium and 37.5% silver. Restorations from single to and long span bridges.

Argen SLM Noble 25 – selective laser melted noble 25 is an economical alloy containing 25% palladium. This reliable cost effective metal indicates from single units up to 8 unit bridges.

Bego Wiron light – non- precious ceramic alloy, with light oxide and beryllium free. Economical veneering from singles to long span Bridges.

Full Cast  - gold restorations have proven longevity and are kind to opposing natural dentition. They are suitable for posterior crowns, inlays and onlays.

Available Alloy for Full Cast

Jensen Dental JMC – noble crown and bridge alloy containing 47% gold and 39% silver. JMC has a light –gold color that polishes to a High gloss.

Argen Y+ - Economical yellow noble alloy with 2% gold 35% palladium and 30% silver. Delivers a warm gold substructure and Polishes to a high luster.

Pressable Ceramics –patterns milled or wax by hand and invested in a wax former. Mold goes through a wax elimination process and is oven pressed with a ceramic ingot.

Pressable Material

GC America Lisi Press – high strength lithium disilicate ingot resulting in excellent physical properties and esthetics. Indications:

  • Veneers
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Crowns in the anterior and posterior region
  • 3-unit bridges in the anterior region
  • 3-unit bridges in the premolar region up to the second premolar
BnBxyo.jpeg miyo

Jensen Dental Miyo System – all zirconia and ceramic restorations are stained and glazed with miyo esthetic system. Miyo has the ability to enhance translucency, characterize, change value and increase overall esthetics.


Hybrid screw retained for singles and bridges – are more favorable for retrievability, hygiene control surrounding mucosa and easy repair in case of crown fracture.

Cement retained for singles and bridges – restoration may be more practical when the access hole is on the incisal edge or cusps teeth and easier access to the posterior of the mouth.

Process for screw retained and cement retained

Restorations are designed from DME files of most major implant companies. After designing, restoration is milled out of zirconia and sintered to specific shade. In completion, finished full contour crown or abutment is cemented to titanium base of indicated company.

Implant companies offered
  • Noble Biocare
  • Camlog
  • Strauman
  • Dentsply Sirona
  • Open Implants
  • Zimmer
  • Thommen
All-On-4 and Bar Bridges
image implant bars

Most suitable dental implant procedure for edentulous patients where replacement teeth can be affixed permanently in the mouth.

Fabricating Methods (Noble Biocare)

Implant Bridge – porcelain layered on zirconia framework and screw retained to implant fixtures.

Wrap-around bar – processed teeth and acrylic affixed to titanium bar screw retained to implant fixtures.

Fixed removable – Is a processed denture removable from titanium bar with clips or locators. For example: Dolder Bar, Hadar Bar and Round Bar.

Digital Dentures

Converting a traditional denture into a accurately fitting denture customized for appearance and optimal performance. After receiving model bases and bite recordings, endentulous case is scanned , designed and milled to denture completion.

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy, and make it possible for dentists to e-mail the virtual impression to the laboratory.

Accepting all STL Files

  • Dentsply Sirona (Cerec Connect)
  • 3Shape Trios